Princess Elizabeth Foundation

Princess Elizabeth Karadjordjevic Foundation was established in December 1990. in New York as a nonprofit and nonpolitical humanitarian organization, in accordance with the regulations of the New York State, and ranks among the NGOs under the auspices of the United Nations. During two decades of its existence, the Foundation has successfully operated like a fund established for talented children, with the aim to support talented youngsters from the former Yugoslavia and help them develop their potential and fulfill dreams, not discriminating against them by political, ideological, racial or religious grounds.

A noble idea behind the establishment of the “Fund for talented children” today is a trademark of Princess Elizabeth Foundation. Twenty years of humanitarian work, during which the Foundation has tirelessly sought to ease the suffering of war victims in former Yugoslavia, bring warmth into the lives of children without parental care, and help the handicapped to make sure a new step, convinced the Princess Elizabeth to the fact that there is the potential in human beings that can be brought up to unimagined proportions.

For this reason, the Foundation is now primarily dedicated to the preservation of Serbian culture and heritage by supporting talented musicians, visual artists, actors, writers, scientists and athletes.

Momir Novakovic is one of the many talented young people who are helped by Princess Elizabeth Foundation, who is proud to have the opportunity to participate in their artistic and professional development.

– Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia

More information about the Foundation can be found at Princess Elizabeth Foundation Web Site.

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